Mother of the Bride Dresses

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Mother of The Bride Dresses | Mother of The Bride Gowns

If you are going to become some man’s mother-in-law, then you should be prepared to draw a great deal of attention on you too. So it is really important to think over the kind of garment you invest in for this great event.

If you begin your searches for dress without delay, you could surely find the best garment worth of the occasion. You really deserve looking as better as you wish on that special day! Here are some tips you should better consider when choosing a dress for you.

Know the Event or Theme

When looking for mother bride dress please take into account the tone and theme of the wedding. After all you wish you feel yourself comfortable at your daughter’s special day. So, in case a wedding is supposed to be held somewhere on a beach side, you may want to put on something airy and loose, yet in case you are going to attend a traditional Catholic ceremony, you may want to put on a frock sewn of some thicker fabric.

The type or theme of a wedding you are going to attend may affect your dress’ both design and fabrics. So it is really important to make agree with the bride on what the wedding should be like.

Shape Of The Dress

The shape of your dress is not less important than its color. No tows of garments are to look the same on two ladies due to the differences in body types accentuated by each particular dress. So you should consider which parts of your body you would like to highlight and which of them you would prefer to cover up or hide.

If you have your legs admired and envied, you may put on an above-the-knee dress or just-below-the-knee one. Your dress’ form may cover up anything from large lips to small breast. So it is really important to try on as many dresses as possible to find the frock to feature all your strength and cover up your flaws.



Certainly, if you are a bride’s mother, you would like to put on a dress, which would bring you an extra portion of others’ admiration and would fit with the color concept of the event and with your individual coloring.

Thus consider which colors may be used for the decorating and try to select the colors to work well or compliment the décor. In case the bride has opted for a green theme for the wedding, you may wish to refrain from red colors or bright pink frocks (your outfit will not be reminiscent of Christmas tree).

Moreover, when it comes to a wedding, make sure that you do not overshadow the bride. So, being the mother of the bride you would better refrain from wearing anything white and even ivory. Instead use the color that fits the tone of your skin.

In case you have pale hair and skin, you would better go with pastels, though if your skin is swarthy, you should go with purple or red color. Discus your daughter’s color preferences with her, discuss what color she would like you to put on for her wedding.


Your dress’ neckline is no less important than your overall attire. As far as it is a wedding, you’d like to be aware of the fact that it is really a family affair.

You may show a part of your cleavage, yet too much of it will hardly be appropriate. Consider going with square-, heart-shaped or even with a high-neck kind of neckline. Your dress’ neckline will surely affect both the shape of the dress and those parts of your body you’d like to feature.

Sleeves and Straps

Think over the straps and sleeves of your dress. You may go for a wedding with either strapless dress or short-sleeved dress or even with sleeveless one. The sleeves and straps dress you select for your frock may affect its neckline as well as your dress’ overall shape. So, it pays to consider how much skin you’d like to highlight and what flatters to your body.


And lastly you should think over your dress’ length. Please bear in mind that nothing too-short and too long should be worn for a wedding. Whereas a too short dress can seem inappropriate, too long attire will hinder you from dancing and even from walking down the aisle. Think whether or not you are going to put on flats or high heels, as this may surely affect your bride’s mother’s dress’ length.