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Wedding Guest Dresses | Guest Wedding Gowns

As the weather gets warmer the number of weddings increases, so we have more chances to be invited over to a weddings a friend or a family member.

Nevertheless such invitation may be really daunting as you begin making efforts to find fun, unique wedding guest gowns to be worn for each particular occasion. The best wedding dress should met two basic criteria:

  • They are supposed to make you feel and look great!
  • They must not overshadow or clash with bride!

Apart from those requirements, selecting a dress to wear for somebody’s wedding leaves a lot to an individual’s style and choice, so make sure you really have a dress suitable to the wedding you would like to attend may narrow down the choices yet further.


When picking out wedding guest dress, take into account the place where the wedding is to be held, namely outside or indoors. A little cute mini dress could go excellent for some party-style, indoor reception, though if the wedding is to be held somewhere outside you may wind up and thus show off a bit more than you were going to.

Select long frocks with more volume in case the wedding is to be held outside, as this can surely protect you from wind as well as giving your frock energy and motion. Be careful lest your embellishments or a too long train should draw general attention from the bride.


Due to its importance a wedding can be extremely formal so multiple garments are needed for the event. Families may attend the so-called rehearsal dinner. In that case another garment would be needed! In case the reception is going to be informal though held in the church, some more conservative look could be changed f or some casual frock for later on.

Estimate the level of the wedding’s formality by the type of invitation the couple sends out (Facebook invite or a hand- engraved) and by the location the wedding is to be held.

The more formal is the wedding, the more formal is the reception likely to be, so in case you will have to look for the dress appropriate for both of those occasions, and you may probably need something both full-length and conservative. Regardless of the wedding’s type, make sure that you do not wear a white garment, for this is the bride’s privilege, so the guests must not steal her thunder at any rate.


Regardless of the type of garment you’d like to wear or image you want to project, if you choose a style or a silhouette, that is by no means flattering on your body, you will hardly be happy with the final result. Assess your physical features and try different types of dresses prior to choosing the garment you would like to put on and remember that if you look great in some simple frock, you can put it on to make up different looks at different occasions.

Look at other guest dresses’ features and select those among them that can be used for various occasions or that could go out in – unless the wedding is to be really formal. By purchasing a wedding guest frock you could put on for different occasions too, you may replenish your wardrobe for half the price – and that may surely raise your spirits.


Picking out complimentary and cute accessories to put on with your guest wedding dress you may bring your personal unique flare to your irresistible look. It can be really a good idea to take a clutch or a small bag with you when going to the reception, as you will have makeup or something else you’d like to bring to the wedding with you.

Choose classic subdued items – the weddings are not the proper place for attention-grabbing, bold pieces that buck generally recognized fashion trends. High-quality jewelry and earrings can be put on again, so such purchases can also be viewed not as a long-rang investment.

Regardless of the type of wedding you are going to attend, following the above mentioned rules of picking out the wedding guest dress would make your searches easier. In case you find yourself facing dilemma of choosing the best dress from several ones, make sure which dress makes you feel and look best.

Once you have chosen your garment, try it on and assess if it is sophisticated and modest piece, which can help you add to the setting created by other guests, or whether it may steal the bride’s thunder. If the former, then you have found your frock! If the latter, you would better remember that being a wedding guest, it is up to you to make the groom and bride’s wedding day truly special; do not steal the limelight with your sense of fashion.

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