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Being traditional Western social event cocktail parties are hosted by some active housewives even twice a week. Such parties usually begin at 6-8 o’clock p.m. Guests are supposed to stand and walk freely for the social intercourse. As far as cocktail parties have rather relaxed atmosphere they are getting more and more popular throughout the world and have really become a trend.

As far as cocktail parties are relatively easy and free events, the guests are not required to be obsessed with such matters as dress-code. Nevertheless there is a special cocktail party etiquette. Whereas men are supposed to wear suits, ladies need small evening dresses and make-up. Furthermore a cocktail party requires participants to whisper and behave appropriately.

In case you come at such an event you ought to be elegant and polite. E.g., gentlemen ought to respect ladies, namely pull the chairs and fetch drinks for them and so on. Nevertheless, some pathetic cocktail parties such as a party following some fashion show require serious attitude. The said fashion shows are usually followed by cocktail parties that are as a rule held before such events outside the hall.

Nevertheless, as it has been mentioned above, the guests of such cocktail parties are not required to follow any specific dress code; they should better be dressed rather formally rather than casually. As a result the specific cocktail party dresses have appeared.

Cocktail party dresses initially meant to be put on for a cocktail party are nowadays viewed as appropriate for wearing at formal or semi-forma locations. Being less formal than classic evening dresses they are nevertheless always white, black and pink with sequins and rhinestones decorated. They may also be slightly exposing yet no more than evening dresses.

Usually men put on their dim dark suits for such events, whereas ladies’ dresses should better not be too bright. Moreover if the men wear suits, he should wear some dark tie.

Although the cocktail party dresses’ length is never specified it is generally accepted that it should be the knee-long. Ankle-long frocks are classified as the evening dresses. The history of cocktail dresses is traced as far back as 1920s. Initially cocktail dresses were rather complicated so even if a wearer was sitting they were worn to bad.

According to Christian Dior cocktail dress is “Elaborated and elegant afternoon one-piece dresses.” Wool, chiffon, satin and taffeta are the best materials for a black cocktail dress. Furthermore, a black dress is really essential for any lady’s wardrobe.

Recently cocktail dresses began appear in some smaller-scale balls, yet is still not appropriate for diplomatic reception and big balls.

Your cocktail party dress should make you feel confident and attractive. Since cocktail party is the time for mingle and mix, so you ought to look your best. Whether you would like to put on a classic gown or something with more sparkle and color, select the dress to suit your figure and coloring. A cocktail party gown ought to be appropriate for the occasion. A business cocktail party can call for something a bit more conservative than a typical cocktail party dress with long-time bosom friends.

Wrap Cocktail Dress

Being a waist-witting wonder the wrap dress can feature the pear-shaped body’s curves by creating the small-waist illusion. The warp dress’ V-neck can also be helpful to enhance your bust in case it is small or elongate a curvy body. The best materials for a wrap frocks for cocktail party can include rayon/cotton and jersey.

Avoid bulky or shiny materials that might draw general attention to rounder tummy or too broad hips. Furthermore you can accessorize your wrap cocktail party dress with big hoop rhinestone earrings or with shoulder-duster ones.