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Walking down the aisle wearing but veil and a headpiece on their head is surely not enough for some brides. Those wish something like panache to define their personalities. For such ladies a hat only will do. “When a bride puts a hat on, it is really much more surprising than an ordinary veil and a headpiece. You can do all types of amazing things with hats.

They could be traditional, romantic, dramatic, or whimsical – yet not in a stodgy way.” Actually, hats have long been preferred by the most famous fashionistas: The Duchess of Windsor put on a blue halo-style straw hat embellished with blue and pink cock feathers; Rita Hayworth opted for a fabulous cartwheel; Grace Kelly put on a Juliet cap matching her gown’s lace.

To find the ideal one for you, think over the following: your body’s and dress’ proportions, the event’s style and the shape of your face. It is essential that your hat be proportional to both your outfit and to your body. A petite in a tea dress would look nice in a somewhat romantic picture hat, yet this hat should not be oversize or she will look like a huge mushroom as Ellen Christine, a New York milliner puts it. On the other hand a bride wearing a slip dress should opt for rather broad hand to balance her dress.

The fabric and color of her hat needn’t match the dress flawlessly, though they ought to compliment to anyway. For harmony you can embellish your hat with some detail of your sleeve or hem. Regardless of the hat’s type you pick, it should fit you comfortably. It should rest above the ears, frame the bride’s ears to make her eyes look prominent and cast no shadows that may destroy her entire look. It should neither pinch nor squash the hair. A sleek, long style, a short bob could be tucked behind the ears. A simple up do, which exposes one’s neck, may work best.

Ladies’ hats are gauged in circumference. To measure your hat sizes wrap a tapeline around your head and position it a dime above your ear; then insert one finger for breathing space. Most boutique hats are sized in inches, whereas department store hats are generally sized large, medium and small.

According to Ellen, a large size hat measures 23 inches or a bit more in circumference, a medium hat is 22 1/2 inches, and a small hat usually measures 21 1/2 inches. Although you can find a wide selection at both millinery boutiques and department stores, you can find no less style on In any case feel free to consult a qualified salesperson.

Once you have made several choices, try the chosen hats on with your wedding gown. In case, on the other hand, you fail to find the hat of your dream, work with a milliner to have the proper hat designed to fit your entire look. Bring a sample of fabric, a photograph of your dress, and a picture of the hats which may be similar to the one you would like to have, so the milliner may have an idea of what you are after. There is a hat for any type of face so the only way to find one is to try as more as possible. Do not hesitate to experiment.

All a Flutter

For ages feathers have been a popular kind of trimming for hats. Tremendous Edwardian picture hats were generously covered with feathers whereas little chic 1940 had single ostrich plumes. A feathered bridal hat can be really a dramatic choice. It may draw all attention on your face. Choose make up that is glossy and glamorous lest you should be lost beneath your hat.

Furthermore you should better pull your hair back in a chignon or simply tuck them behind your ears. An original hairdo or a bundle of curls might compete with the trimming. A plumaged hat can work best with a narrow, straight silhouette, e.g. columnar, long dress or a tailored suit. It is not a perfect choice for outdoor nuptials, where a sudden breeze would make your feathers fluttering over into your groom’s face.

A big plumaged hat would better be removed for pictures for it can cast unnecessary shadows or even hide your face. Furthermore you may want to set your hat aside during a reception party. A petite cartwheel with ostrich plumage may be worn at an angle and thus flatter around face. A pagoda-like hat with ostrich plumage and organza feathers can enhance a narrow face. A snowy white picture hat with plumage is impressive when matched with a portrait collar.


Some of the most beautiful bridal hats are rather fussy. Simple shapes are maybe the most versatile, be they are broad-brimmed, small or large. A felt ivory cloche with a narrow band and scallop edge could be worn with 1930s dress, a suit or with a sheath. Nevertheless such a close-fitting style should be avoided by the brides with round faces.

Being a classic summer hat, a white horsehair breton can go well for an outdoor wedding. It looks really beautiful with a tailored suit or a full skirted, romantic gown. A large-brimmed breton can suit a bride with a wide face whereas a petite bride should better opt for a small-brimmed Breton.


There is hardly anything but a hat that can evoke a particular era. Cocktail hats with long hairs or a petite velour toque look as theatrically as those worn by 1930s Hollywood stars.

The pillbox won its fame in 1960s due to Jacqueline Kennedy; it goes well with a classic suit or a fitted frock.


Eye-catching, witty hats were the main component in fashionistas of the 1930s. Such Hollywood stars like were not seen without their hats. Nowadays bride can be inspired to complete their streamlined, modern suit or a vintage frock with a careless exclusive hat.

An ivory straw hat with a large bow can be a feminine, playful topping for a worn at an afternoon wedding tailored suit. It is really good choice for a tall strong-featured bride; he hat’s proportions can really overwhelm a petite bride.


Swooping headpieces of horsehair or natural straw evoke visions of outdoor nuptials. Being flirtatious and romantic they look really beautiful with a lace mini dress, sleek suit or a halter-neck dress.