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Wedding Flowers | Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are not but beautiful in their aesthetic value. Those are generally viewed as the way to express appreciation and emotions.

Those may enhance your wedding as well as reception party, ass aroma and charm to this unforgettable ceremony. In case you are but going to be a bride and thus are looking for some useful tips and a piece of advice upon choosing the wedding bouquets in your bouquet, read on!

Flowers Tradition and Lore

Being incorporated into the bridal ceremony as certain fertility symbols wedding flowers serve also as the wards against the evil spirits. Originally, the bridal bouquets were made up of spices and herbs. The wearing of garland of Orange Blossoms (now the traditional bridal flowers) as a crown on the wedding veil was used by the Saracens to symbolize purity and chastity.

The Orange Blossom evergreen leaves were believed to represent eternal love. Knights coming back from the Crusades are said to have brought this custom with them. Orange Blossoms were so expensive that the rich only could afford them.

As a rule flowers have been the main detail of weddings for ages. According to the tradition, the groom should wear a flower in his bridal bouquet fixed in his button-hole. The custom comes from the medieval tradition of a noble knight wearing his fair lady’s colors as a declaration of love. Each flower has its own special meaning and displays certain message. Orange Blossoms, for instance means loveliness, purity and chastity.

Detailed List of The Meanings of Flowers Used in The Bride’s Bouquet

Some wedding bouquets include live Ivy twigs. Those symbolize wedding bliss and eternal fidelity. According to a popular Victorian tradition the bride was supposed to plant the Ivy from her wedding bouquet after wedding and pass the twig from that Ivy to her daughters, so they could use them in their wedding bouquets.

Some cultures avoid peonies as those are viewed to mean the shame. Azaleas are believed to represent temperance. Roses mean love and Snowdrops symbolize hope. Some cultures view Lilies as the symbols of majesty, though are widely believed to be unlucky for being associated with death. According to the tradition, a combination of white and red should be avoided for such a combination is believed to represent bandages and blood. is one of the leading online wedding flower suppliers, which offer fresh and really exciting selections of wedding flowers. From classic favorites to contemporary chic, as well as unique selections, our florists can create excellent bridal bouquets for a wedding of any type.

The Right Wedding Flowers For Your Bridal Bouquet

The wedding bouquets are traditionally made up of cream or white stephanotis flowers lilies, sweet peaks, roses, orchids, gardenias or carnations. The timeless and classic white wedding bouquet usually consists of orchids and lilies. It is still rather popular among those brides who would like to have an all-traditional wedding. In case you are not ready to have your wedding at any cost, please choose readily available at any season flowers.

The fragrance of your flowers is no less important criterion for composing your wedding bouquet that the mentioned above. Scented flowers can really make a rage! Some of those fragrant flowers include gardenias, tuberoses, peonies and stephanotis.

The Right Florist For Your Bridal Bouquet Wedding Flowers

For busy brides a skilled florist is really a godsend. The florist might assist you in choosing the appropriate flowers to complement your style and color scheme of entire wedding.

The ideal wedding bouquet should complement the bridal gown and the bride herself. Wedding bouquets are as generally made up of white flowers symbolizing innocence and purity. The white wedding bouquets are still very popular among brides; although many of them prefer those colors which can compliment both general theme of the wedding and the gown patterns.

Choosing Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet Shape

There are many ways of arranging wedding bouquets. A fashionable shaped bridal bouquet can compliment a dress of any type. One of the most popular nowadays style of bridal bouquets ifs the hand tied bouquet or the posy style. Composed of the bunch of fresh flowers, such bouquet has “just picked” look and attracts all attention to the middle of the bride’s body.

"Trailing waterfall" type and posy of tightly bound flowers are the most popular ones. The "trailing waterfall" type draws general attention to from the top of the body to its bottom and thus can make a bride look taller than she actually is.

The cascading shape of bouquet can compliment a long skirt, although with a shorter length it could make a bride look a bit ridiculous. Large wedding bouquets suit formal long bridal gowns whereas small bouquets suit to knee-length attire.