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Wedding Garters

Being one of the most important aspects of the wedding celebration, wedding reception is always anticipated by all the participants of the wedding celebration. Once all the formalities are gone through, everybody can relax, dance, sing, eat and simply have a real blast.

It is not a secret that nuptial traditions never end at the church; moreover those go on during the reception party. There are cake cutting, bouquet toss and toasts. Those are all valued by the invitees for those add spice to the otherwise regular and traditional wedding ceremony.

Garter tossing is one of important tradition most bachelors are looking forward to. Nowadays bride puts on a garter on one of her legs for the wedding day. The groom is supposed to remove it by means his teeth and mouth and then should toss it for still single men to catch.

On the other hand the bride is expected to toss her bouquet to single ladies. The bachelor who manages to catch the garter is to slide the caught garter onto the thigh of a bachelorette who has caught the bouquet. Moreover these two are believed to be the next to get married, though not necessarily to one another.

Origin Of The Ritual

This frolicsome tradition is thought to be the oldest surviving nuptial custom. Back in the previous years it was believed to have been some sign of a good luck related to the newlyweds’ consummation concept.

As far back as in the 14th century it was acceptable for the guests to tear apart the bride’s bridal dress. Those who partook in removing bride’s clothes from her used to tear those clothes apart believing that those pieces could bring a good fortune. Brides have always believed their attires to be precious things so they found the way to spare their dresses from destruction – by tossing such personal items as garter.

Another version of the origin of this tradition says that it has begun in England when men used to get the garter from his bride f or a good luck too. Once the wedding ceremony is over and when still at the altar, a groom would approach his bride to be the first one to get hold of her and performs it from her thigh. At times, the bride can be knocked off the ground due to the masculine force. This actually made a bride feel embarrassed.

According to other accounts, as soon as bridesmaids and their groomsmen sneak up on their bedroom to make sure that the consummation has really taken place between the two. Subsequently they would take an item from the persona l belongings of the couple, generally from the bride. As a rule this is her stockings for it believed to be able to bring them a good luck.

The tradition has evolved from grabbing or theft to tossing to avoid the bride’s embarrassment.

Evolution Of The Designs

The garter itself has also evolved with the course of time. Wedding garters used to be made of lace though nowadays they are available in various fabrics, colors and styles. For that reason, the newlyweds can easily match the garters with their bridal color and theme.

Some garters are carefully designed depending on the bride’s preferences. Brides generally prefer to have their garters in blue, following the tradition “something new, something blue, something old and something borrowed.” Blue color means fidelity, good fortune and loyalty.

Lots of brides prefer to wear two garter pieces, the one for tossing and another for a keepsake. Being as a rule more intricate, the latter comes with a special box, so that the bride can keep it for the sake of the memory, along with her other nuptial paraphernalia. Some of them pass this down as their heirloom within the family.

Being a kind of tradition for those families who would like to secure the unique traditions and customs within their circle. In the meantime, others opt for tow-garter set lest their legs should not be exposed. Instead of putting on both, there is some unknown piece to be an item the groom could toss whereas the other pair is left for a bride. Those who would rather put on both usually wear another pair at the leg’s lower part for the sake of convenience.

Similar to other nuptial traditions, the throwing of garter would surely go on for the next century or longer. The tradition would evolve to a more. The tradition can evolve to some more resourceful one to meet the newest fashion trends.

Wedding garters feature the tradition going back ages. As a separate part of your reception party, offers numerous styles and designs to select from so you are sure to find one to meet your personal taste, them and style. Browse our selection of wedding garters and select one or a set of garters.