Wedding Jackets

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Wedding Jackets 

Although you are supposed to be the only center of attention at your wedding, your jacket cab surely complete your entire look, ensuring warmth or serving as some cover-up. The church may be strict about being too much revealing, so as a bride you can put on a jacket at the church and then take it off at the reception party.

Winter, spring and autumn can make you need some warm jacket to cover your torso and arms. In summer you may need a light jacket to protect your skin against excessive sunlight as you enjoy outdoor photography. Some frocks may be accentuated from fashionable jacket as an accessory.

For example, a simple dress can come alive with some bolero jacket or an elegant frock can be supplemented with some simple faux fur. Anyway, brides would better think over enhancing the ensemble by a jacket, as there are lots of different types of wedding jackets.

Bridal jackets can be found at boutiques, stores, department stores and online stores like When considering a wedding jacket, brides must know about the kinds of jackets, their variations and the materials.

Types of Bridal Jackets

Actually a jacket is an outer outfit with variations in fabrics and style. A bride can reckon up the wedding jacket styles, assess the formality of the wedding and the weather to select the proper jacket for her.

Trying several different styles is really important for some jackets may look better depending on a lady’s particular figure. The jacket’s size also matters. Wedding jackets include boleros, blazers, sweaters, wraps, capes and shawls.


Those are full-length jackets with classic front closure are generally made of heavy fabrics. Blazers have collars and lapels. Brides may choose such style in case they have chosen casual and simple dress. Blazers always correspond with the business style.

That style is likewise appropriate for the cold weather since it provides a wearer with full coverage and can be sewn in a heavy fabric. The blazers can vary in length to meet personal tastes and complement your overall garment. Blazers can also end at your waistline or extend down to your mid-thigh line.

Bolero Jackets

Bolero jackets are actually short cover-ups. Their length may vary from above the waistline to right blow the breast. For the most part boleros forego collar and lapel, though some may include both. The length of sleeves varies from very short too long.

The short-waited boleros and those with short sleeves are usually picked out for aesthetic reasons whereas longer jackets of that kind may double as a cozy cover-up.

Shawls and Wraps

Bridal wraps or shawls can be made of some untailored piece of lace or fabric. Being free flawing, they don’t need any sizing. Shawls and wraps can be either simple stretches or luxuriously detailed. They may have closures and may have no fastenings.

As rule brides choose shawls for their versatility, warmth and elegance, which can surely make any lady looks like a movie star. Scarves are warm and versatile as they can be unfolded and folded to cover entire chest and back. Brides can opt for warm and heavy materials or opt for easy pieces of lace.



Capelets or capes are free-flowing cover-ups chosen for warmth, romantic styling and ease of movement. Wedding capes fall down to thigh-line or further, whereas capelets are held up above the waist. Brides can find variety of fabrics from light to heavy.

Please bear in mind that manufacturers often slightly vary their sizes, so use the size charts available on-line. When purchasing via worldwide web please refer to seller’s images and descriptions and do not hesitate to ask them for as more details as necessary.

Variations in Bridal Jackets

Apart from basic styles, brides are free to style their jackets. The variations may include collars, sleeves, collars, hoods, epaulets, embellishments and lapels. Sleeves may vary from long sleeves and sleeveless. The sleeve styling may also vary from the very from tight fitting to lose kimono-style sleeve. Brides may also select from no collar to a collar with lapels.

Some jackets have rather fluffy lapels and high collars. Shoulder area can be perfectly styled with epaulets, which are high rising pieces of material. Moreover at the jacket’s back brides can pick out some hood to add some warmth.

Closures may be at the front or at the back of the jacket and may include hook and eye, zippers, ribbons that tie together or even lace the jacket up like footgear. Fastenings like brooches may also add to ornaments. Embellishments of the jackets may include ruffles and flowers.

Materials in Bridal Jackets

Jackets are chosen by brides for various reasons and not to keep them warm only. Whereas keeping warm is the main reason for wearing a jacket it is no less important to evaluate fabrics and look for a lining. If the jacket is needed for aesthetic reasons only a bride would better evaluate the material anyway.



Brides who wish to comply with formal church regulations, stay warm maintain modesty or put on a jacket as just an accessory can find a great variety of fashionable jackets to put on with the wedding dress. A bride may put on her jacket over her strapless dress as she goes to the church and then put it off later.

Ladies may use the jacket as an easy way to cover up and retain modesty. During inclement weather, a jacket can provide protection any bride would like. A jacket can likewise improve and heighten the dress’ look, so a bride may wish to see if the variety of jackets can better her look.

A bride can always find a jacket to compliment her dress, or should even make up her entire look around her jacket. Brides can find jackets both online and at brick-and-mortar salons. Marketplaces like make it really easy to find the right jacket for any bridal dress.