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Bolero Wedding Jackets | Bolero Bridal Jackets

A bolero is a short tailored and cropped jacket. Being much similar to shrugs it is commonly worn instead of sweaters and shawls. Those cover a part of the upper body and are as a rule mid waist in length and are modest and stylish way to have the shoulders covered. Such jackets come in all sizes and shapes and may either free flowing with various lengths of sleeves and form fitted too.

Boleros are generally viewed as a kind of formal garment and are paired with wedding gowns or evening dresses. Boleros are an excellent option for those brides who are looking for some modest look or those who should comply with strict formal church requirements.

Bolero jackets may both match the color of the dress and be sewn of some contrasting material. Those can be simple or can be beautified with trim and tailored to anyone’s needs.

The following guide may provide instruction on how purchasers can choose the proper type of bolero jacket by considering various types of boleros and by providing all the necessary information on where and how to purchase bolero jackets.

Mexican Wedding Traditions

Bolero jacket originated from traditional clothing of vaqueros – Mexican cowboys. Nowadays many Mexican-Americans preserve their traditions, including those pertaining to the wedding ceremonies. Mexicans honor their customs and cultural heritage in both their wedding and in reception and wear traditional Mexican attire.

The rituals and attire are fashioned to honor the bride’s and groom’s relatives and are said to provide the couple with the good luck. Due to the fact that traditional weddings are held in a catholic church, the bride sought to preserve her modesty by covering her shoulders. Such coverings are generally accomplished via the use of embellished bolero.

In Mexican formal wedding the bride is usually seen wearing a classic white gown coupled with a bolero lace jacket, whereas the groom wears traditional matador clothing made up of fitted pants and bolero jacket. The padded sleeves and shoulders of the bolero also include ornamental needlework.

Types of Women’s Boleros

Boleros are of many different styles, colors and fabrics. A white bolero can excellently reflect a ceremonious occasion of your wedding. The classic Latin American bridal bolero is generally made of embroidered tulle, yet such bolero jackets may also be made of knitted or crocheted thread. For weddings arranged in winter, spring or in autumn, brides often wear lace-overlaid satin boleros.

Satin Boleros

Satin bolero jacket may surely add sophistication and elegance to your outfit. Satin can make a lady feel feminine, lavish and stylish. Satin has a soft, glossy and smooth texture on one side, while the back of the material is matte and dull. When putting on a satin bolero one should ensure fit is proper.

Satin should drape excellently over the skin. In case a satin bolero is rather tight, it may strain and stretch, and in case it is loose it may create uncomplimentary bumps in the material and drape inelegantly over bulges. This can also betray the bolero’s appearance.

Lace Boleros

Being really classy a bolero jacket goes perfectly for such formal occasion like a wedding. Being one of the most expensive materials in fashion, lace offers a woman a sophisticated look. There are lots of various kinds of lace, so selecting the best and most appropriate kind of lace is really important.

Fiber content should also be taken into consideration. The types of lace differ depending on how they have been made. Polyester is often added to lace to make the fabric stronger. The polyester helps preserve the white color of the lace and prevents it from darkening over time and via laundering.

Sheer Boleros

Sheer boleros have won their popularity over the recent years. Being a delicate material, sheer makes a woman look sophisticated and chic, especially when coupled with stylish dress. Generously beaded dresses are often coupled with sheer material so that the gown is not overpowered.

Being far more about look the sheer material is much less about function offering too little warmth to the wearer. Since that, sheer material is often worn in spring and summer.



Whether a customer wishes to be dressed up for an evening or for a wedding dress, boleros are the excellent way to compliment one’s garment. Bolero jackets come in various fabrics, designs and colors to make them one of the most versatile types of female clothing. With so many types of bolero jackets to choose from, can help any bride accessorize her garment for her number one life event.