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Choosing a right cape to wear is anyway a matter of personal choice. There are a great number of reasons to put on a cape and lots of styles to choose form, as with kinds of material and colors.

Picking out a cloak may be as individual as a particular lady wearing it and the reasons for wearing a cape. The reasons for such need may range from weddings to some renaissance or medieval festivals. After all the cloaks are comfortable.

In case you opt for wearing a cape for a ceremony you have plenty of colors to consider. The capes are getting more and more common for bridal ceremonies, including those held in churches. Gold, silver or white cloaks are generally worn at bridal ceremonies and might be either lined or unlined.

Whether you have your cape lined is a matter of your individual choice and the weather conditions. In case you have an outdoor ceremony you can choose a lined cape. In case you are having an outdoor ceremony and it’s going to be cold you are likely to need a cape made of some heavier material and lined with such warmer fabric as velvet.

If you are going to have an indoor ceremony can opt for having a cape made of some light fabric. If you are going to have a cape for a wedding ceremony, you should better have it lined with your wedding party’s color. The white color is also chosen for cloaks for it can be lined with silver and gold. Please bear in mind that if you opt for the white, you must not let it drag along the ground. Most manufacturers keep the seams folded and soft lest those should annoy the wearer.

Selecting the right lining is rather individual too. However most brides prefer to have their wedding capes lined with satin there are plenty of wedding cloaks made of velvet inside or moleskin for a colder weather. Such wedding capes are generally worn in the winter time only.

Color options likewise vary from black to white; furthermore each of these options has its own meaning. A black cape with red lining is the most popular kind of capes. Such cloaks are usually worn on a Halloween and during the neo-pagan practices.

The Cloak’s Length

In case you need a wedding cape you are likely to need a cloak flowing down to the ground. Therefore you should better make sure that the cape you’ve chosen is easily washable s so it could be worn over again. In case you are going to wear your cape inside, you may have it as long as you please, depending on how long you’d like to have it flowing down.

E.g. you are five feet tall. In this case your cloak needs 52 inches to reach the floor. In case you would like to have a cape to wear it further you’ll need it being some 50 inches long. If you opt for having a flowing cape that should be falling down to the ground it should be 56-60 inches long.

The Length of Your Wedding Cloak

Assessment of the cloak can be as simple as measuring your height. Then measure from your shoulders up to your head’s top. After you’ve done those measurements subtract that number and you will obtain the length of your cape from your shoulder down to the floor.

Please bear in mind that you may add an inch depending on how big you are around. Make sure to have a talk with a cape maker to determine how he or she would measure your cape.

In case you are of normal height and have a normal body design it is much easier for you to find a wedding cape to fit your figure. You can easily visit such places like and find an appropriate cape here. Everything you need to know is your height. If you please, you may send him or her a message and inquire about a special ordering.

Selecting a fabric to have your cape made from depends on what you expect from the cloak. In case you are going to use your cape as your wedding cloak for an outdoor wedding you would need it made of a cleanable and durable material.


Selecting the variants of trimming of the wedding cloak may be as individual as the wearer herself. For the most part trimmed wedding capes are done with raccoon or fox. Being delicate and beautiful both can surely protect the wearer from cold and wind.

Choosing The Size Around The Cloak

Picking out the size of the wedding cloak depends upon your expectations. For the most part the wedding capes come from 180 to 240 inches around the bottom. The fuller you’d like to have the bottom of your cape, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Picking out a hood’s appropriate depth and size is also individual. Some ladies prefer to have hoods just to cover their heads for the sake of warmth, whereas other would like to have the hood fuller and deeper. Those can be made bigger for somewhat medieval or Gothic look. Furthermore, you can have your hood rounded, squared or pointed.

With such wide range of options you should examine all of them and in case you cannot see what you need in one, do not hesitate to ask a seller or a manufacturer whether you can have certain specifications altered to have your expectations met. You may be charged a bit more than you may expect but the game may be worth of candle!