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Not all the brides wear petticoats as they view those as something old fashioned or somewhat annoying, though there are some bridal dresses for which petticoats are a must!

What is a Bridal Petticoat?

The petticoats are sometimes referred to as some slip in case it is of a simple nature, is a bridal accessory that could be used to highlight a bride’s look on her special day. It is put on underneath her dress’ skirt section and as a rule begins at the waistline.

There is much of historical evidence that petticoats were not necessary viewed as a piece of underwear and could actually be worn as a skirt but as a rule it used to be put on to keep legs warm or to provide a wearer with certain shape, especially if she wanted to feature her small waists or bigger breast line.

Women have been wearing petticoats since the fifteenth century. There have really been plethora of various styles to select from including those used to be stiffened, quilted to produce long or short length, loops and silk and lace fabrics. The petticoats’ styles have changed over dozens of years as the frocks have changed their shapes from full skirt to simple narrow etc.

Some petticoats were so heavy and elaborate that those worn with corsets used to cause wearers to faint from lack of fresh air. Petticoat style has also sustained over years in popularity as the skirts’ style changed; moreover it changed when the War made it difficult to obtain proper materials.

How Can You Use the Petticoat?

Wearing a petticoat underneath your bridal dress may give you an excellent silhouette, especially in case you are big full skirts fan. Some styles may include layers, that can produce somewhat a “meringue” style look or the hooped and wired ones may give your skirt a true fullness effect. These petticoats may ensure that your frock stays as creaseless as possible all day long.

That lingerie item won’t only enhance your dress yet may give you comfort as well as support. Moreover it may prove to be a nice addition to your bridal gown.

Buying the Right Bridal Petticoat

The proper style is always available to you in case you are ready to look around for it. Petticoats are often merchandised separately from the wedding dress, yet advises you on the excellent petticoat for the style you may pick.

Once you have picked a dress, try it on without and with the petticoat to assess if there are any visible differences in both look and shape.

In case you are going to buy a petticoat from a shop of a different type without assistance of a bridal shop, then one of the best thing to begin with is to measure the length at the bottom of your wedding dress (from one seam to another one) and then double it. Thus you may obtain your dress’ circumference. This would enable you to find the right petticoat.

In case you are looking for warmth and comfort rather than for shape, try to get a petticoat with smaller circumference than that of your dress. For a fuller skirt you will surely need a bigger circumference whereas in case you’d like to have a princess’ look, you’d better take measurements to their maximum to ensure that the dress would surely cover it and shows nothing.

Try not to choose smaller size in the waistline, because you feel that this would hold you in somewhat on your special day for all that may happen is that your petticoat will feel restricting, tight and may also “ride up” a bit ruining your shape. Some petticoats could be adjustable due to the drawstring effect on your waist. Some may even have Velcro or hooks to fasten the slip that could be adjustable for a wearer’s comfort.

Here are a few things to take into account when choosing the right petticoat:

  • Can you ease yourself while wearing it?
  • Is the petticoat visible through your wedding dress?
  • Does the petticoat’s color match your wedding dress as more as possible?
  • Make sure that you have taken all the measurements correctly.
  • In case you have your petticoat made think over how heavy it may be once you have your complete ensemble on.
  • In case you have opted for hoops, consider how rigid they are. Are you able to dance and would you be able to prevent your skirt from flying up when you are getting in the car?
  • In case you are buying your bridal dress online, inquire whether you can purchase a right petticoat too?
  • Is your petticoat sewn of the fabric thicker than your bridal dress?