Wedding Umbrellas

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Wedding Umbrellas | Bridal Umbrellas

There is anything but a proposal that can evoke a lady’s inner goddess. Whether flirting affectedly with a color fan or vamping up with some feather boa, a lady gets really magnetic once she adds the proper accessory to her attire. However a wedding bouquet is the best friend of a bride, some ladies believe umbrellas and parasols to be able to set their charm and beauty off.

However originally umbrellas were waterproof, those are now produced in a wide range of designs and fabrics. From Victorian soirée to French beach wedding, whatever your wedding there is an umbrella or a parasol to match. Is your wedding Asian-styled?

Whereas an antique brocade pink silk umbrella evokes luxurious Japanese kimono, a rice-paper parasol recalls some Zen-fashioned simplicity. Have you picked out some turn-of-the-century bridal ensemble with your groom in Edwardian suit? Then an ornate parasol is really necessary for you, dear!

Brides are not though having all the fun: color-coherent parasols may unify a bride’s entire look as well as the look of her attendants. It is a really pleasing way to make a bride feel comfortable, special and pretty; moreover a bride can find the answer to the question “what could I busy my bridesmaids with?”

Fancy parasols and umbrellas may bring chic to the photographic shoots too. There is nothing more winning than a bride accompanied by the bridesmaids walking with their umbrellas. Also you may use the old-fashioned parasols or umbrellas certain period flavor to sepia-toned, dramatic engagement portraits.

Being a kind of umbrellas specific for providing a wearer protection against exceeding sunlight, parasols are generally associated with Victorian age when those were used as accessories like gloves or hats. The parasols came in line with fashion for pale skin, followed by the ladies proud of being not involves in hard labor outside.

As nowadays fashion tends to move back to the pale skin due to the sun rains’ alleged harm the parasol has won its fashionable status back. Brides also distribute parasols or umbrellas to their guests as those arrive at an fresco party.

Like ladies and lords of yesteryear guests walk around the grounds being protected from exceeding summer sunlight and heat. All those bored wedding crowds will surely come alive soon you provide your friends with the parasol. Just fix one at each guest’s char’s back

Parasols are available for ordering plain or with al kind of trimmings – silk flowers, beads, jewels or even ostrich feathers. Having a garden wedding? Spin your parasol blooming with bright flowers. You may even have your parasol monogrammed or have it printed with such sentiments like “romance” or “love” in an elegant calligraphy. Browsing creative options at may inspire your overall wedding visions yet further.

In case you are having your outdoor wedding and are going to have it in a Southern Belle theme, wedding umbrellas and parasols are going to be perfect accessories to add to your special day a touch of grace and charm. If you can carry a white lace bridal umbrella, the bridesmaids may carry but those umbrellas which are matching the colors of their attires. This may present an irresistible effect in a spring time f or any outdoor garden or backyard wedding event held at the time when all the flowers are in their full bloom.

In nowadays bride’s hands a lively colored pretty umbrella or parasol can surely make a personal statement of your wedding cutting-edge style. What a fashionable way to make your wedding “being in the shade”!