Wedding Guest Books

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Wedding Guest Books

Some new ideas for original wedding guest books

In recent years the wedding guest book was nothing but a record of the wedding attendees. You know the 10” x 8” leather books are doubled usually paired with exquisite feather pen that looks more for times when queen Ann was alive than for XXI century wedding.

Well, the years of simplicity as well as of good old Ben have long been over. Centered around fashionable design today’s savvy brides are all about chic and unique – in all respects of the big day. Here are some unique ideas for wedding guest book to get your juices flowing in creating excellent wedding guest book for your great day!

Wedding guest book can help a just married couple remember who attended their wedding, start a formal address books and organize thank you notes. Nevertheless most wedding guest books get eventually into closet and are utterly forgotten. Instead of purchasing lace covered, cheesy guest book pick one of the following creative options you will be happy to show off in your home.

Wedding Guest Book Basics

Make sure everybody signs it! Probably the last thing you may need is a wedding guest book being empty. Assign a bridal party member or some trusted friend of yours to stand at it and ask your guests to make a record as they come to the party. You should furthermore bring it to the rehearsal party so your best friends as well to offer your best friends time to sign.

Make it personal Rather than attendants but putting down their name names as well as a formal “Congratulations”, ask them to share their memories or to give you a piece of advice for a happy family life.

Creative Guest Books (That Are Still Books)

Photo guest books are rather popular option. Some retailers offer guest books, with pre-made slots, which are built to hold photo booth strip or snapshots. Moreover you can create DIY photo booth image on your own and buy some standard book for guests to fill it with photographs. You can also have your wedding guest book made by using Apple or Blurb filled with the engagements photos for the attendants of your wedding to sign

A book of poetry can be a good choice for romantic couples. Pick a collection of romantic poetry and ask your guests to make some notes on the margins.

Coffee table books on your wedding location or a theme that might be important to you can also be served as the wedding guest books. Invite your guests to fill the first pages with their well wishes.

A display-worthy dictionary can be a fun option for verbose or book-loving couples. Your guests can circle words, which would remind them of the wedded couple and mark the pages for the purpose of easy reference.

Unique Mementos

Ask your guests to sign some memento so you could display at home, having your memories out in the open rather than somewhere on the bookshelf.

A beautiful piece of pottery may be signed by means of special marker for ceramics. After the wedding is over just “fire” your piece in the oven and you will have your memento displayed and used regularly.

Silver trays can be a beautiful option. You could purchase an engraving pen to have your guests signing your tray, creating family heirloom.

An object that references a favorite hobby like a surfboard, guitar, wine, boat paddles, bottles or a football: your guests can sign all of that so you could either display them at home or use later.

River rocks are also affordable and popular choice for eco-friendly wedding couples. The guests can write notes on the stones’ smooth surface. Those notes could be displayed later at home or scattered around garden.

Wedding Guestbooks as Artwork

Your engagement picture framed with a broad white mat can be an excellent surface to sign by your guests.

An art print or original work, framed with some wide mat can be another good choice.

Large wooden letters, of some spelling out “Love” or some new monogram that can be found at most major crafts and arts stores. Show off your signed letters at home once your nuptials are over.