Wedding Ring Pillows

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Wedding Ring Pillows

There are dozens of accessories and details that are necessary for a seamless and complete wedding ceremony so the wedding ring pillow can be although the smallest yet most crucial one.

Why Do We Need a Wedding Ring Pillow?

There a many focal points of wedding day: the bride herself and her attire, goluptious wedding cake bridal banquet and the bridal bouquet and so on. The pettiest focal points are without a doubt most popular nevertheless: the wedding rings.

Wedding ring pillow features the rings themselves and their function, offering them as honorable place in the ceremony as they are supposed to have on their fingers. By using a pillow to deliver the rings, the couple underlines the importance of what their rings symbolize, because without commitment and love the wedding can take place.

Pillow Designs

The number of wedding ring pillows’ designs is approximately as big as the number of wedding dresses, tiaras, veils and wedding rings themselves. Popular types include:

  • Ivory or white satin or silk pillows;
  • Oval, heart or square shapes;
  • Wedding ring pillows with such accents as lace, fur, crystal, tassels, ribbon trim or bows on the concerns;
  • Decorative buttons making up the depression at its center;
  • Themed wedding ring pillows using crosses, monograms, shells or butterflies as accents to match other nuptial accessories;
  • Wedding ring pillows to be carried by some pet;
  • Designs matching the garter;
  • Colored wedding ring pillows matching location of the wedding, flowers, theme or wedding party gowns;
  • Wedding ring pillows with the ring boxes inset to eliminate the necessity to sew or tie wedding rings to the pillow itself.

Which Design Is Best?

When selecting a wedding ring pillow couples may assume that a modest white silk pillow would be better for it reflects the bride’s splendor and matches well any white dress. Nevertheless, the wedding ring pillow may be chosen to feature your rings as well as to match the nuptials itself so here are some really useful tips:

  • The pillow’s material should be capable to hold your rings stable. Pillows for the most part come with ribbons or in any different way to attach the ring to slippery satin or silk.
  • The color of your pillow should contrast with your rings. Platinum or white gold rings would be lost on a white pillow, whereas a colored pillow would soon show your rings off more expressively.
  • The material should be flawless and smooth; even small size snags or tears may get caught on the rings, leave tendrils of material sticking to the settings or prongs of any gemstones or diamonds.

How to Use the Pillow

Wedding ring pillow as a rule can serve a symbolic purpose, namely have fake rings attached to the pillow whereas the real wedding rings (often costing great sums of money) are confided to a special member of the wedding party. In case, however, the newlyweds want to display their real rings on the special pillow during the wedding ceremony, some precautions should be taken to secure their passage down the aisle.

  • Wedding ring pillows typically feature ribbon tendrils, which could be tied about wedding rings to secure them, yet make sure that you have not tied the knots too tight and could remove them easily.
  • Wedding rings can be loosely attached to the pillow, though the threads should better be loose and thin to be easily removed
  • In case your ring bearer be too young or would drop the wedding ring pillow, it would be better to attach an elastic wrist strap to the hinder side to help them hold the slippery material.
  • Your wedding ring pillow should rest on the palms and carried reverently in front of the chest or waist. The bearers would need some practice before the ceremony start to the wedding to carry the pillow duly.
  • After your wedding ring pillow comes at the altar, it can be given to the waiter or placed upon a pedestal or some other location till the wedding rings are needed. This can relieve the bearer – as a rule a young boy – of the needless tedium of standing still all the ceremony long.

Wedding Ring Pillow Alternatives

Some wedding couples might prefer a more unique option than the classical satin or silk pillow.

  • Not using wedding ring pillow at all
  • Choosing a ring chest – a specifically designed ring box, which is carefully designed, decorated and instead of the pillow. This can be far more secure variant for the wedding rings without needing to sew or tie them to a pillow
  • Having some little one ringing a bell as they proceed instead of carrying a wedding ring pillow.
  • Using some themed item, which can match such wedding motif as a fake shell for beach wedding, or the wedding rings suspended within horseshoe in case you have opted for a western theme.

The wedding rings are without a doubt a very important feature of any wedding ceremony; moreover an appropriate ring pillow can give them an honorable place, reverence and respect they really deserve. By picking a right style for your wedding ring pillow or choosing some more unique alternative, wedding couples make sure that the rings can not but make it safely up the aisle, but that they can succeed in style as well.