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Paper Lanterns | Wedding Paper Lanterns

Anything can hardly be more lovely and vibrant than a Chinese paper lantern, particularly in night time. Hanging paper lamps are the peculiarity on which the Asians are working very hard. That is really astonishing how many varieties and options were brought due to Chinese and Japanese craft ideas.

Really, the entire lantern collection on the market is made of the best quality materials. offers a wide price range and offers premium collections only. One can shop for the lanterns by their shape, color, event, design or size.

Now, there are thousands of paper lanterns to pick out from, e.g. priced $** to$***, so it could easily be found some. You can also make paper lanterns yourself. We love paper lanterns, and you? Anyway we would like to share that particular passion with everybody.

Round Paper Lanterns

The sphere paper lanterns with hollow centers are maybe the best selling traditional ones. Those are very popular in gardens and homes for their exotic and festive look.

Wedding Paper Lanterns

These paper lanterns usually appear at wedding celebration. They typically come white and round, symbolizing the entire occasion and can add romantic atmosphere.

Square Paper Lanterns

Such a traditional shape can surely be seen during Obon festival in Japan. Due to their stable structure, they can be perfect decorations for any room or garden.

Cylindrical Paper Lanterns

One can surely find those in both Japanese and Chinese temples or as some trade adds. Long ago such cylinder lanterns were used for decorating brothels in Japan.

Rectangular Paper Lanterns

Those lanterns likewise point the customers to some particular business direction. Many smaller versions decorate a great part of Asian themed venues.

How to Choose a Perfect Paper Lantern

Prior to looking for paper lanterns, the first and foremost think of the space of the area you are going to celebrate at – whether it is a huge ballroom or a small tent. In case you hesitate about colors to match, choose traditional white.

To make the look of striking depth, dimension and appearance, stop at varied sizes and heights. When buying, please pay attention to the set of the lighting: those sold separately are always expensive.

Paper Lanterns For Weddings

Paper wedding lanterns are winning popularity due to DIY weddings popularity’s growth. Lots of young people make up their minds to break away from traditional practices try their best to add their weddings much more personality to match newlywed couple. Those can easily fit in to any type of humor and even chance entire ambience – paper lanterns can surely make classic wedding look like more relaxed and fun.

Being budget friendly, paper lanterns are easy to assemble. Moreover those come in various colors and sizes. These are also excellent for both outdoor and indoor ceremonies, leaving the guests in awe of their grace. Those could be hung from the ceiling in case you’d like to have indoor wedding, whereas those can be serving as outdoor ceremonies’ luminaries or dangling on trees.

Brides can easily find paper lantern on to satisfy their tastes. Lanterns can come in various colors, so it does not matter what your color motif can be. Lanterns can come in solid, plain colors and can be printed with involved patterns.

You can also choose among the sizes – whether you’d like to have a single lantern in the ceiling’s middle, a string of some smaller lanterns or scatter the entire venue with lanterns of various sizes. One quick piece of advice to amaze your invitees is to hang the various paper lanterns of various sizes at varied height to make the depth and dimension of your venue.

The number of paper lanterns depends on the venue’s area, so it really the case when the size does matter. For the most part, paper lantern shops recommend one lantern per 28 square feet to obtain sufficient ceiling coverage. Wedding paper lanterns can give the venue an amazing feel when those are not even lit.

Nevertheless they give even more charming glow when being filled with light. So in case you consider thinking of purchasing paper lanterns at nighttime, be cautious about whether your lighting set can come with lanterns or in case you might need to purchase them separately.

Paper lanterns can be lit in different ways. The cord kits are particularly designed for paper lanterns. They produce rather bright light, although are not cheap. Christmas lights provide considerable coverage, yet it might be difficult to work within the premises where there are no electric outlets. Battery-operated lanterns can be another option.

Those can be easily set up and adjusted at various heights. Nonetheless, battery life can be not long enough so you can end up with lightless lanterns during your reception party. LED paper wedding lanterns on the other hand can offer long-lasting lights yet could require much more efforts than other options.