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Rose Petals | Wedding Rose Petals

Wedding rose petals are getting increasingly popular means of wedding decoration. Furthermore with those flowers symbolizing beauty, joy and love it is no wonder that brides would like to have them in their nuptials. There are lots of companies specializing in freeze dried or preserved rose petals, which can be used on your big day without losing their shape and color. Here are some tips for using rose petals.

What Are Rose Petals For?

However rose petals have a great variety of uses, their main purpose is to be the main alternative for confetti. Lots of venues no longer permit traditional confetti or rice, so brides prefer to have rose petals instead due to their biodegradability. Rose petals can surely be placed in attractive bags, cones or envelops and be handed out to the invitees as they come at the ceremony.

Another way to use rose petals is to make a rose petal strewn aisle. You can have your petals arranged before the wedding begins or have them scattered by the flower girl. Finally you can use rose petals for decorating your reception tables.

Scattering of rose petals on white crisp linen can surely make a romantic effect, especially when candles are lit. Moreover rose petals can be used to make table centers. A big martini glass full of flower petals overflowing onto the table can make a graceful centerpiece.

How Much Will I Need?

The volume of rose petals you may need depends on the way you would use them. A liter of petals can provide confetti enough for two dozens of guests. In case you are making a rose petal aisle, 0.66 gallons can cover some seven square feet of floor space. In case you’d like to embellish your tables, 0.66 gallons can provide the scattering for approximately ten average tables.

How Should I Store The Rose Petals?

Preserved or freeze dried rose petals would last much longer than you might think. Furthermore, those can be kept up for up to four months, providing they are stored properly. Rose petals should be stored in a dark place, in indoor temperature and away from moisture. Rose petals should be delivered in specialized containers, so it would be better to leave those as late as possible to remove them from those to be placed in cones, tables, or bags.

What Color Rose Petals Can I Have?

In case you would like to have natural rose petals you might be limited to yellows, whites, pinks and reds, so your supplier would hardly be able to guarantee the shade you would receive. Although preserved rose petals can likewise have enhanced color, so you can choose any shade to supplement your wedding theme.

Do not forget to take into account your rose petal colors. White roses mean purity and innocence whereas ivory flowers symbolize fidelity. Bright red roses signify passion, whereas darker reds symbolize gratitude. Please bear in mind that yellow roses mean jealousy.

Being a beautiful addition to any celebration rose petals can be especially great for nuptials. They can provide a romantic atmosphere for your entire wedding. Moreover they can give some more advantage of having your wedding scent like flowerbed of roses.

Rose Petals Can Be Fresh Petals, Dried Petals, Or Even Soap Petals

So, what is the difference between dried and fresh rose petals? Fresh rose petals are the petals still capable to hold both their aroma and color. The fresh petals’ texture is soft that can not be found in dried rose petals.

Those can be put on the tables as an element of décor. Some places would not allow you scatter fresh petals on their floor inside, for those can be slippery and can thus stain carpets. So dried rose petals or the silk rose ones would go much better for indoor scattering.

Dried rose petals have been freeze dried for a couple of months in a freeze dryer. This process allows roses to retain their natural color. Moreover, the process keeps the petals from wilting. Such rose petals are perfect for indoor nuptial festivities.

For outdoor wedding, dried and fresh rose petals can be much better option that silk ones. Being biodegradable, rose petals of that kind are much safer for our environment. One of the most romantic uses of soap or rose petals is for weddings. A rose petals wedding can really be spectacular! There is a great number of ways rose petals can be used from the very nuptials till the honeymoon final walk. Those can also be used to embellish your entire wedding from the altar to the reception tables.

Rose petals can become a really great centerpiece offering a great deal of aroma throughout the day. You can also have them sprinkled on the tables and floors for more graceful look. When you sprinkle them on the ground, it makes it looking like some fairytale talk across a roses’ carpet.

The newlyweds’ getaway honeymoon walk is one of the wedding’s most anticipated moments. You can surely make their walk unbelievable by sprinkling rose petals along the path they walk along. Moreover you can cover the entire area to create thus a carpet look. Also you can use them just to feature their walkway for somewhat more subtle look.

People might also choose to have rose petals thrown over the rice during the very wedding ceremony. This might offer a good range of color, which rice sprinkling could provide. Really, wedding tossing of petals can surely make your photos much more vivid and spectacular.