Coaster Wedding Favors

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Coaster Wedding Favors

In case you are going to find an ideal wedding favor or wedding shower idea for your friends and family members, there is nothing more uniquely meaningful and practical to thank you r invitees for attending you big day than with personalized coasters.

When it comes to bridal showers small or large those petite details never go missed when such an important day is being planned. Such token presents of appreciation as coaster wedding favors can be really perfect for any reception. Moreover it can be custom tailored and match overall wedding theme and colors.

Another way to make those presents would be to the servers passing coasters during the reception and then put at the bar. We would also like coasters as a set of six or more pieces wrapped with satin ribbons and gifted as favors. Such simple touches can be the most memorable. Such wedding party coasters can be an excellent intimate present-sharing item everyone would enjoy.

Looking for inspiration beyond the silver monogrammed linen napkins and crystal glassware? Then personalized wedding favor coasters can be an ideal inexpensive detail that should never be overlooked.

The wedding coaster’s charm ought to match the hosts’ style – individual design doubled with the wedding couple’s photograph, your favorite colors and the wedding date inscribed. Those coasters look great under the flute Champaign glasses and can also make fabulous keepsake. A great deal of wedding coaster favors is available on to make the best one.

Personalized Wedding Coaster Favors 

With bride’s and groom’s names, including the wedding date whereas other wedding coasters could be designed with the newlyweds’ photographs or maybe a combination of both. Wedding coaster favors could be customized or printed on both sides to include love-themed images or maybe poems. Be sure that the wedding coaster favors can be the long-lasting keepsakes in which the guests and family could treasure for lots of years to come.

In case you are looking for both simple and useful favor idea, you can not go wrong with customized coaster wedding favor as a perfect present idea for those can surely be used by anyone.

After your wedding reception party is over your wedding photo favor coasters could give your guests an excellent opportunity to share the moments of your wedding. Visit our website to find wedding favor coasters you really need!

Wedding favor coasters can serve as perfect place card holders, also making them memorable gift for the guests to take away. What about the custom coaster wedding favors? Heart-shaped coasters would also be a good fit for such an occasion and could surely help the happy couple remember their big day. Make your wedding coasters more personalized with some memorable romantic quote or some love poem. Personalized wedding favor coaster favor can be a good added touch to any dinner reception or a rehearsal party.

Cork coasters can also be useful for your wedding celebrations. Being much cheaper those coasters are long-lasting too and can be excellent to place in coffee tables. Being usually 3 ½” square X 3 1/6” thick with laminated reverse side. Just imagine your invitee sipping their tea or coffee using elegant cork coasters you have given them! They would surely remember your nuptials and would talk amid the sips and remember your big day and your romantic love story.

You may also provide your guests with wine coasters. The favors of this kind can be sent with a wine bottle and compliment thus your invitees. As a rule wine coasters measure 3 ½ “X 3 1/6”. Those can be made of cork or glass to make them durable and thus able to last a lifetime.

Although metal wedding favor coasters can surely create a vintage effect. Those can last for years. Make sure that your metal coaster is rust-free so it can last long. Nevertheless, the main disadvantage of metal wedding favor coasters is their price, which is much higher than the price of cork items.

Certainly, your wedding guests can praise your wedding being surprised by the set of metal coasters packed in a transparent box on the reception tables. You can hardly imagine their delight they would feel when taking such elegant things home.

Wedding favor coasters have been popular of late – the couple’s names and wedding date are usually printed on one coaster’s side, whereas its reverse side reads some drink recipe. Such recipe coaster would surely become a good keepsake for your friends and family members.

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