Cigar Holders

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Cigar Holders

In case you are a regular cigar smoker you should better not be thrifty and invest in your smoking accessories’ quality to make you enjoy your exquisite bad habit.

Cigar holder is maybe the most important accessory a cigar smoker ought to invest in. Both ladies and gentlemen alike can really benefit from investing in an inexpensive cigar holder. Prior to labeling some cigar holder as unnecessary or feminine please make sure you understand all the benefits of this elegant accessory and make your smoking experience without wasting huge sums of money.

Hygienic Benefits of Using a Cigar Holder

One of the most disregarded benefits of using a cigar holder is the germs’ reduction. As a rule cigars are stored in the packaging containing germs and bacteria and in humidors. In case you smoke cigars without cigar holder you welcome the said germs right into your mouth every time you take a puff at your stogy.

Soon you place a cigar holder at the end of your cigar; you surely prevent your lips ant tongue from being affected by bacteria. Cigar holders can likewise remove yellow staining from your nails and fingertips, for nicotine stained fingers are but the biggest complaints made by cigar smokers. So cigar holder is your perfect barrier barring nicotine from the surfaces of your fingers.

Health Benefits of Using a Cigar Holder

It is not a secret that cigarettes and cigars contain such harmful to one’s health chemicals as nicotine. Over time, your habit would surely cause serious health problems. Whereas cigar holders do not eliminate all the toxins and other harmful substances contaminating the body, those do always reduce the amount of harmful smoke’s amount inhaled with each puff.

The reduction of harmful inhalation can allow less nicotine and tar to enter your body. In case you plan upon cigar smoking regardless of the health effects, invest in an inexpensive cigar holder to protect your lungs against many toxins invading your body.

Make Sure the Holder is Clean

When you purchase a cigar holder for the first time make sure it is really clean and has never been used before. If you are offered your friend’s old cigar holder you should better make sure the item is not jammed with residue or tobacco.

In case the holder unscrews easily, open the application tip and then blow via the opening to displace the stuck debris. Your pipe cleaner can surely secure your lungs against nicotine and clean it out, though in an old-school way.

Insertion and Lighting

Once you have examined your cigar holder for wastes you can insert the cigar. It is really important to invest in such an item, which should be compatible with the cigars’ size. Put the cigar’s tip into the holder’s opening and then turn the cigar till it is secure and safe. In case the holder is the wrong size you can experience certain difficulties when inserting your cigar. Do not pinch your cigars and do not force it to fit. In case you do so, you would break your cigar altogether. After your cigar is secure and safe light it the way you usually do.


Health and hygiene benefits obviously matter. The style is another benefit of using cigar holders. The latter come in a great variety of styles that suit smokers of both sexes. The holders can turn the average cigar into a true masterpiece. The holders are usually made of glass, metal, plastic, meerschaum or wood. In case you are looking for a cigar holder of high quality, choose the material, which can provide the best smoking experience. Some of them can really affect your stogy’s taste. Make sure that the material of the cigar holder you have chosen is odorless.

In case you are sick and tired of stains upon your fingertips and nails, invest an inexpensive cigar holder to take advantage of the benefits offered to you. Cigar holders of high quality are available in plenty in both local smoke shops and in online shops.


When smoking a cigar always hold it a bit upwards when using holder. In case you point the cigar down it can get loose due to the changes in air flow. In case you invest the cigars of high quality you may notice the difference at once. Meerschaum cigar holders can protect your lips and teeth yet can not affect tobacco’s overall quality. Make sure to purchase a spongy cigar holder to secure the taste from changing.

When smoking you may need to clean it out time after time. A clogged cigar holder is by no means a pretty sight. In case you would like to go on enjoying cigars you may want to secure your lungs against the tar so you should better think over cigar holders’ benefits.

So if you have not made up your mind on the type of cigar holder to pick, feel free to consult an expert who smokes cigars regularly and uses the holders and then make your final decision based on their experience and on your own judgment.