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The supplies you may need to begin with

In case you are ready to begin with crustal crafts, you could see the wide range of crystal items offered on Crystals can really make a perfect base for craft ideas. Being relatively cheap to purchase, easy to apply, so you can personalize and decorate maybe anything you own with those.

You could begin with decorating something like a small purse or hair band. Then you could graduate some thing more challenging and really bigger like a bag of T-shirt type. Then ultimately once you become more and more ambitious as you get along, you could probably cover your jacket or a pair of shoes.

Since you are limited by your imagination only, feel free to get started. To provide you the idea of what you could decorate, here is our list for you: Swarovski Crystals – the list of what you could decorate. So, what basics you should know prior to getting started?

The Basics of Crystal Craft

The thing #1 to know about crystals is the type of those available, is the crystal beads you may need to choose to dedicate to the thing you’d like to have decorated.

Flat-Back Crystals

The thing of primary importance is selecting the flat-black crystals. As the same suggests, those are flat-backed. It is this very smooth surface, which enables you to secure your crystal to whatever you have chosen to embellish.

Hotfix Crystals and Non Hotfix Crystals

The second variable of craft is the way they can be attached to the thing you are going to customize.

Some crystals can come with the glue that can get activated by means of applying heat, as a rule by means of the heated iron to make the crystals secure your crystals to the item. Those crystals are known as hotfix ones. Such types of crystals ought to be used when you are embellishing something you can iron to the surface.

This means it should be able to make up a crystal design as complete sample then lay it flat to iron over. Moreover it should not be a material, which could easily be melted. So cotton fabric can be an excellent example of something you can customize with hotfix crystals.

Non-hotfix is another type of crystals. Those crystals may be similarly flat-backed as the hot-fixed ones, though have no bonding agent applied. Instead, those are left always bare so you should apply hot glue yourself; the glue should be applied with the special glue gun; then the glue should be attached one by one to the item as you embellish it.

Those kinds of crystals are used to embellish items, which must not be ironed, namely sun glasses, mobile glasses, footgear and so on. Please bear in mind that such materials as synthetic fabrics must not be ironed lest they should melt.

Once you have made up your mind what kind of crystals you may need for your project, here are some other supplies you may also need.

Extra Supplies Needed

In case you are using hotfix crystals you may need some few extra items to work upon your project. They may include a board and an iron a piece of a heatproof paper as a spacer plate over which to iron, some glass or plastic sheet, a cellotape and some tweezers to position your crystal to make your pattern up.

Crystal Beads: Some Tips For Beginners

In case you are going to have something with hotfix black flat crystals embellished. Then you would need to have some hotfix applicator rod as well as some tweezers.

What to Do Now

First and foremost you have to make up your mind on what you would like to embellish and how you would like to have it embellished. In case you know what your item is, you may be able to make up your mind whether you really need to have hotfixed crystals as well as associated accessories, or some non hotfix accessories and crystals.