Petite Wedding Dresses

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Petite Wedding Gowns

In case you need a petite gown for your wedding your searches will surely need a great deal of inventiveness on your part. The process of bridal dress selection requires a bride a great deal of practical imagination and resourcefulness. If you are smaller than 5'5", then petite wedding dress is right what you need.

As far as you are a petite lady you should better refrain from long sleeve frocks. Furthermore, in case you are going to have a casual wedding, refrain from heavy fabrics and bold prints. You should also avoid heavy layers and gathers as well as bouffant sleeves for your wedding dress.

And, no matter what kind of bridal dress you pick out, it must not be concentrated on your torso’s central part. It may be a total disaster for your wedding. For this reason an empire fashion gown is the best variant if you are a petite lady. Such gowns have seaming right below the breast line’s end to create an excellent fit for petite ladies to make them visibly taller.

Types of Petite Wedding Dresses

However there is lots of empire line wedding gowns you have plenty of other kinds of wedding dresses. A ball dress, for example! Those look really great on both petite women and on those with other types of figures.

Nevertheless the most popular kinds of wedding dress are princess wedding gowns and the sheath silhouettes. Although the sheath type dress may be a dream bridal gown for you it may turn out to be not a good idea if you need a plus size petite dress.

Waistline Patterns

You can pick out either an empire waistline or follow the waistline of your own. The natural waistline may suit a woman of any figure or body type. You may likewise choose a drop waistline in case you can boast about a big breast and slim body type.

Drop waistline is seamed right below a woman’s natural waist to make her look taller. Nevertheless, you must avoid the so-called Basque waistline, which stresses a V-shaped waistline, which may go not well enough for petite women.

Types of Neckline

Off-the-shoulder neckline looks always elegant and sophisticated on a petite bride. Yet in case you have broad shoulders and heavy arms, you would better look for something more appropriate like portrait neckline. If you need a plus size wedding gown, you may likewise choose a sweetheart neckline that suits ladies with heavy breast line.

In case you have toned, well-shaped arms, big breast line and perfect collarbones, then you should better select a gown with strapless neckline. Such gown may create illusion of height and thus make you look visibly taller than you really are.

Sleeves, Veils and Trains

There are plenty of sleeves you may choose for your petite wedding gown. For example, you may just go strapless, providing you have nice arms; otherwise you may choose cap-like sleeves.

Now the veils!

You can try flyaway veil, fingertip veil, blusher veil, bridge cage veil etc. as for the trains, you can pick out a train of any type, e.g. court trail and sweep trail. In case you’d like to stand out at your wedding, you may opt for a cathedral trail.

Wedding Accessories

In case you are fond of gloves, opt for over-the-elbow ones. Though we recommend you to get married bare-handed. Now the footwear! A pair of traditional white silk or satin shoes will be a good choice. You can certainly opt for elegant high heels yet make sure you feel comfortably in them.

As for the wedding jewelry do your best to keep them as modest as you can. Put on some simple necklace without any heavy trinkets. Refrain from wearing anything around your wrists, particularly the left one. You should choose some diamond or pearl dewdrops or studs as earrings!

And, please, bear in mind that your wedding dress does not have to be expensive. You may also find some truly cheap and elegant petite wedding dress. And of course bear in mind that the wedding is yours so in spite of all the variety of useful tips, it is always up to you to choose the best dress for you.