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Reception Dresses

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Wedding Reception Dresses | Reception Gowns

Well, the ceremonies are over and you have officially had your surname changed, so it is high time to indulge yourself in your wedding reception.

Having danced all the formal dances and made a short round of greetings you could jump out of your luxurious wedding gown and put on something more appropriate for making you feel cozier when dancing to the disco hits.

Still Want To Still Out In White?

It is your special day so you ought to be the queen of the ball, even not wearing any outstanding gowns.

In case your guests still stick to their attires, putting on another white frock – even if it is too short or understated can still make look more outstanding against the fair of colors.

You may likewise keep on some ceremonial ensemble details during the reception, including fascinator, hair ornament details or veil. Here we have some tips for you to make your choice easier.

Reasons For Having a Reception Dress For Wedding

There are so many reasons for buying a special reception wedding dress as many are the brides proper. Anyway, make sure you really need a second dress for your life #1 party.

In case you are planning traditionally fashioned wedding you’ll need to wear another dress for it, especially in case you are planning the Chinese-fashioned wedding. You will have to change your frock into a gold and red dress for the reception party.

Furthermore, in case your husband and you plan some special dance, you would surely need another dress to change, lest your movements should be hindered.

Be honest with yourself as you list your reasons why you may need another dress for your reception. As far as such frocks are by no means cheap, you’d better make sure that you are making a right decision.

  • Lingerie. If you have made up your mind to wear a special reception dress, ensure that you needn’t to change your lingerie for that purpose. Except for the fact that you have to purchase no other pair, you don’t waste your time while you are changing into your special reception frock. Your guests would wait for you back so do not make them waiting for you.
  • Design. A useful tip to remember soon you’ve made up your mind to purchase a reception dress for your wedding is to choose one with the same color and style. This would allow your guests to think that both your dresses belong to one the same collection, specifically designed to complete each other. Being shorter, your wedding reception dress looks more casually compared to your main wedding gown. Please bear in mind that soon you’ve made up your mind to buy a special reception dress, it means that you have to spend much more money for your wedding. If you are not afraid of any additional costs of a kind, do not hesitate to browse through our site to find everything you need to make your wedding unforgettable.
  • Partialness. There is no reason for changing your wedding dress into your reception frock if the latter is neither practical nor comfortable. Please bear in mind that your reception party can be spoiled by the spilled drinks, fingertips and food stains, so do not pick out a reception dress of white or ivory color. Another point you should bear in mind is weather conditions: if you are going to hold the outdoor reception party, you’d better buy a climate-friendly frock.
  • Style. Your reception dress is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your sense of beauty and personal taste. As for your wedding dress, you may tend to make your fairy tales dreams come true when picking out your wedding dress, whereas the reception dress is as a rule fun and flirty. If you are going to hold the themed party, your reception wedding dress may ad to the tone setting. Depending on the overall party theme and personal preference, it may be either long or short. Furthermore, you may wear your wedding reception dress for other occasions.
  • Entrance. Choosing your second dress is indeed a key to the reception entrance. The way you may look in the photos, really depends on how deliberately you pick out your dress change.

You may think over the changing the attires depending on the situation: the luxurious wedding dress will do for the cake cutting or the first dance, whereas your reception dress will do for the disco dancing.

Before the wedding day has come please spend some time for rehearsing beforehand and schedule the change properly. The time you schedule for dress changing must not exceed ten minutes, so use the big mirror and a maid’s of honor help.