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Selecting wedding cake toppers is really a crucial for preparing of the wedding cake. Anyway it is up to you to make a final decision though a lot depends upon the decorator and the couple themselves.

There is a great deal of fact ors to think over, that includes the couple’s personality, wedding theme, their favorite things etc. It is no wonder that the couple can find themselves confused facing seemingly simple choice of what topper to have on the wedding day.

This task can really be a nut to crack to choose from thousands of toppers available for your wedding cake. To help you with your choice offers you the most popular choices for weddings, which as a rule land on nuptial features on televisions and magazines. You can easily choose from that list and learn a bit more about all the types of wedding cake toppers.

Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

For those who love cute things, cake toppers, which are unbelievably adorable and sweet, include petite figures of bride and groom. Some couples would like their toppers to highlight some hobby like hiking. Some people want their cake figurines to be the kids clad in the wedding couple. Such wedding toppers can make both the guests and the couple to gush over their cake soon they glance on it.

Vintage Cake Toppers

In case you are going to have your wedding in vintage style, your vintage wedding cake toppers should be place on the cake’s top. Anything possessing vintage element on it can be used for this matter. It does not have to mean that your cake topper is to be old. You can even find the most of those toppers online and all of them are branded new.

So what can make a wedding cake topper look vintage? As a rule those elements are design and color, although some elements on the design like flowers or swirls, some other stuff like bikes and other traditional ornaments can make them seem vintage. Vintage wedding cake toppers can surely add some classic flair to the reception, which can be somewhat romantic and nostalgic.

Rhinestone Cake Toppers

In case you’d like to have a lot of glamour and glitz upon your cake, which goes with a rhinestone wedding cake topper is really a great choice. Rhinestone cake toppers are dainty without being excessively garish.

Being much more delicate looking than those crystals and those are quite more exquisite to look at if those are arranged elegantly. You can have the rhinestones placed as the emphases to such types of cake toppers like monograms. It can help fetch out the elegance of monogram toppers and make distinctive.

Fondant Cake Toppers

Those couples who would prefer to have customized wedding cake toppers, opting for fondant would be the best. Being similar to clay by its properties, fondant can be sculpted into anything. You can have it sculpted into any type of object or even into miniature images of the newlyweds on their wedding cake’s top.

Wedding cake toppers are meant to be memorable; moreover there is nothing that can make it to be more memorable than making it one of a kind. Fondant allows you to have a distinctive cake topper that bears your preferences in design. You can even ask the specialist to make it in accordance with your specifications in size, color and shape.

Elegant Wedding Cake Toppers

In case you would like to have exquisite wedding cake toppers, you may want to think over having those as monograms. Your initials on the cake’s top would look rather romantic to announce to your guests that you really married for now on. Being truly classic, monogram at the same time is a graceful way to show your initials off.

There are lots of intricate fonts to pick from; this may surely bring out the best of the cake design. Moreover you can have your monograms made in various colors or stuck traditional silver-brushed metal accented or coated with gold or with any other hue. In case you’d like to follow the font, which has been used on your invitation, feel free to ask the decorator to make your monogram in the font you’d like to have. It is really a good way to follow your wedding theme.

Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers

There are plenty of fun-filled wedding cake toppers on for those couples who would like to add some portion of humor to their special day. Shown in different characters figurines of bride and groom can be made in merry caricatures. Some brides and grooms make fun of their hobbies. Your sense of humor can be appreciated by your guests. Having funny cake topper for your wedding cake is one of the best ways to display your sense of humor.

Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

If you prefer to stick to the traditions, classic cake toppers would go for any kind of cake. Petite figures representing bride and groom are typical among that kind of wedding cake toppers. Classic wedding cake toppers can make any wedding cake look elegant. Those are crafted the way they can fetch out the romantic vibration in the nuptials.

When it comes to picking classic cake toppers for nuptials, a great variety of styles are available so you can make your choice according to your preferences in colors, shapes and sizes. Moreover you can make your choice according to your wedding theme, so that it can go well with the decorations you might choose. Although classic wedding cake toppers may look simple, the well-chosen ones may help enhance the cakes entire look.

How Do You Choose From Among the Different Cake Toppers for Weddings?

Featuring your wedding cake can be as simple as picking the proper cake topper. However it could seem to be difficult at first, selecting cake toppers for wedding can become much easier providing you know how to select the proper one from dozens of choices.

It may take time for you and your partner to consider each detail of your wedding. Discuss your wedding theme and select which elements you need to work upon so that everything goes harmoniously well and compliments each other.