Wedding Napkins

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Wedding Napkins offers a great variety of elegant wedding napkins. You can choose from hundreds of design, font and color options to feature your wedding reception buffet, tables and bar.

Cocktail napkins can be useful for serving appetizers and beverages to wet the appetites of your guests and to serve the cake after dinner. Luncheon napkins are good for cake serving, brunches and buffet-style receptions. Dinner napkins can also be wrapped around silverware and folded to feature the guest tables.

Ordering wedding napkins is fast and easy. Choose the material, size and color to match wedding theme and decorations. You can personalize them with design or monogram and up to three lines of print in variety of script block styles of letters to include the wedding date as well as groom’s and bride’s names, some fun phrase or a romantic verse.

Tips for Ordering Wedding Napkins

Want to order personalized napkins for your wedding? Here are the questions usually asked by the customers.

  • What size should I prefer for my napkins?

First of all you should consider the proper size for your napkin. There are four basic sizes to consider when ordering the napkins for your wedding.

Measuring 5” x 5” cocktail napkins as a rule are used at the juice or cocktail bars for serving drinks during social hour. The barman can place a cocktail napkin under all the glasses to serve the guests. As the guests come back to the juice or a cocktail, we recommend that two to three napkins should be ordered for each guest.

Luncheon napkins

Measuring 6 ½” x 6 ½” luncheon napkins are generally used for dinners, luncheons, and wedding reception brunches and at the wedding cake table. Luncheon napkins can be arranged and stacked at a buffet table or placed on the guest tables either lying flat or folded. In case you are going to use personalized lunch napkins at the guest or buffet tables, we recommend you to have one or two luncheon napkins ordered per guest. On napkin per each guest can be sufficient for the cake table as most guests will be up for a piece of cake but once. Furthermore luncheon napkins are popular for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and engagement parties.

Dinner napkins 

Measuring 8 ½” x 8 ½” dinner napkins are generally used for formal wedding dinners. Dinner napkins are usually placed folded on the guest tables. It is generally accepted that one napkin should be ordered for each guest.

  • Can I match napkin colors with my wedding colors?

Coordinating wedding colors all your wedding day long can become a really tedious task. In order to keep the color theme consistent, we have ** luncheon napkin colors, ** cocktail colors ** dinner napkin colors to pick from to make your napkins matched with your wedding colors. In case you can not find a proper napkin color to match your wedding colors, we strongly recommend choosing white one as the base.

  • What can I print on my wedding napkins? offers plenty of options to choose from when ordering custom napkins for your wedding. We have special designs for you and your guests to match any type of themes, both formal and informal.

Monogram would be appropriate for traditional, formal wedding celebrations and receptions. Moreover we have lots of other letter styles to opt for when printing your special text. You can have either monogram or design print as well as up to three lines of text.

  • How many napkins should I order?

When ordering napkins, we’d like to offer the following useful tips:

  • Two to three cocktail napkins per guest for the juice or cocktail bar;
  • One to two luncheon napkins per one guest for the wedding cake table and dinner tables;
  • Two to three towels per guest for the washroom or restroom areas.